Putting myths around Jordan Spieth

First of all, congratulations to Jordan Spieth on winning The Open last weekend. Great playing and he showed some unbelievable grit on the last holes when the wheels seemed to fall of the wagon.

Spieth made some unbelievable putts on the last holes that took the steam out of Matt Kuchar (great playing by Kuch  also)

I have seen some headlines in Social media, media and blogs saying that Spieth is the greatest putter of all time, he has some magic on the green that no one else has and so on…

The fact is that if Jordan Spieth was a great putter, I think this season he would have dominated on tour and in Majors. Lets have a look at his putting stats this season, the number tells his position in the category among players.

Inside 5 ft – 130 th

inside 10 ft – 100 th

10-15 ft – 159 th

15-20 ft – 60 th

20-25 ft – 4th. 

Strokes gained putting – 37th

The stats are hard facts, this is not the best putter in the game, not even close. The fact that he made some good putts in the heat of the competition in The Open tells us that he is a strong competitor, young man with nerves and the ability to get the best out of him when its needed the most. But the best putter, no.

The most interesting part of his putting is that he seems to get better when he has a long putt. My educated estimate is that he has a very good speed control on the long putts and that makes him so good on those distances.

But being 100th inside 10 ft and 159 th from 10-15 ft is just poor putting for a player of his status. And with this putting he still manages to win tournaments and be in contention on sundays. Imagine what would be if he putted better?

The reason he is so good has been his unbelievable iron play this season. With that he gaines so many strokes compared to the field that he is still playing for the win. If he manages to get his putting on the same level, I don’t think he can be stopped. But for now, he struggles on the greens – which the stats show without question. Jordan iron play is a matter for another blog post later.

The frenzy after the victory at The Open about Jordans putting once again shows the now almost ancient problem in golfing world – we tend to believe something that seems quote right. This time it was the few unbelievable putts that Spieth made in the right places. It made us believe that this guy must be the greatest putter on the game since ha made those putts. But the statistics show that he is not, plane and simple.

This blog is not about putting Jordan Spieth down in any way, its about the hard facts of the game not the things that we see and want to believe so much.

I hope that Jordan will become a better putter, then we see how amazing player he really is.